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VAC4062 - Inland Director

Division Executive Management
Location Dusseldorf, Germany
Closing Date 24-Aug-2017
About DP World

DP World is a leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain. We operate multiple yet related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistics and ancillary services to technology-driven trade solutions.

We have a portfolio of 77 operating marine and inland terminals supported by over 50 related businesses in 40 countries across six continents with a significant presence in both high-growth and mature markets. We aim to be essential to the bright future of global trade, ensuring everything we do has a long-lasting positive impact on economies and society.

Our dedicated team of over 37,000 employees from 110 countries cultivates long-standing relationships with governments, shipping lines, importers and exporters, communities, and many other important constituents of the global supply chain, to add value and provide quality services today and tomorrow.

Container handling is the company’s core business and generates more than three quarters of its revenue. In 2015, DP World handled 61.7 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) across our portfolio. With its committed pipeline of developments and expansions, the current gross capacity of 79.6 million TEU is expected to rise to more than 100 million TEU by 2020, in line with market demand.

By thinking ahead, foreseeing change and innovating we aim to create the most productive, efficient and safe trade solutions globally.

DP World Logistics

DP World Logistics Europe is the responsible organization for the inland and intermodal activities of DP World in Europe. Through our network of inland terminals, we are enabling local markets to participate in global trade. DP World inland terminals provide resilient synchro-modal transport connections into various European deep sea ports.

Our inland terminals include; Antwerp East, Germersheim, Liege, Mannheim, and Stuttgart:-

Antwerp East is DP World’s answer towards the growing congestion in and around deep sea ports. This terminal has daily barge connections which assure the on-time delivery of cargo into the port of Antwerp and Rotterdam with more efficient and environmental friendlier means. Antwerp East is located directly at the Albert-Canal in the heart of Grobbendonk’s industrial and logistics park which provides first class opportunities for warehousing and distribution logistics.

DP World Germersheim is a tri-modal container port located on the river Rhine. The well-established terminal in the southern Rhine-Main area is well connected with one of Germanys regional ‘Power Houses.’ This port is by turnaround the largest of DP World’s European inland terminals and offers direct barge connections from and to Antwerp, Rotterdam and Moerdijk as well as a direct rail connection from and to Antwerp.  

DP World Liege is the youngest of DP World’s inland terminals. It started operations in November 2015 and is located in the heart of Liege Trilogiport an industrial logistics and warehousing park, with direct access to the Albert-Canal. The port is designed with tri-modal capabilities and the infrastructure around Liege is connecting the highly population EUREGIO hinterland (includes the south of Belgium, south of the Netherlands, France, Luxemburg and the west of Germany) with the Western European deep sea ports.

DP World Mannheim is a tri-modal container port located in the city centre of Mannheim, where the Neckar flows into the river Rhine. This terminal was taken over by DP World in 2015 and will supplement together with DP World Germersheim the volume from the power house of the Rhine-Main area. Used in the past exclusively as a transhipment port for cargo from and to Stuttgart, customers can today ship their cargo directly via DP World Mannheim from and to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

DP World Stuttgart is the only tri-modal container terminal in the port area of Stuttgart. Taken over by DP World in 2015, the container terminal in Stuttgart provides excellent connections from and to the Stuttgart region and the extended hinterland of South Germany to the North German and Western European deep sea ports. DP World Stuttgart operates an own rail service between Stuttgart, Rotterdam and Duisburg. Daily barge connections with transhipments at DP World Mannheim and DP World Germersheim assure the most efficient barge transport into the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

About this role

Building on the Strategic Framework DP World’s European inland business, the role will be required to hold a senior leadership and entrepreneurial role, initially within the European Region

The mandate requires the analysis, development and implementation of DP World’s European inland/logistics business, which will be required to:-

  • Develop the strategic development/business plan for the enlargement of DP World’s Inland activities. This will require ownership and articulation of the business plan to reposition and grow DP World’s existing inland presence;

  • To expand DP World’s knowledge and relationships within the European hinterland, working primarily with cargo owners to develop integrated logistics solutions;

  • To co-ordinate and exploit the existing activities and identify areas for enhanced co-operation between existing inland/logistics activities, including pooling of knowledge and greater linkage to DP World’s deep sea terminal volumes/customers;

Key Objectives

Amongst a variety of many tasks the key objectives for this role are to:-

  • Ultimate objective is to lead and take responsibility for DP World’s inland & logistics activities. This will require:

    • optimisation of existing assets;

  • identifying an organic growth strategy; and

    • augmentation of the Inland activities through acquisition and/or strategic alliances

  • Develop the Inland / Logistics business plan and, working with the Regional Business Development Director, ensure appropriate projects are pursued and prioritised;

  • Working with the Regional Commercial function, develop products which promote DP World’s customer strategy;

  • Regional responsibility for DP World Inland assets/business

  • Project/ business leadership & accountability for

    • Commercial product development;

    • Optimisation of existing businesses;

    • Growth strategy as a standalone division with DP World;

  • Initial objective is to define strategy & identify tactical actions to obtain additional volume & revenue from DP World’s existing physical footprint. This will include, inter alia

  • identifying new (cargo-owning) customers and building compelling value propositions for each in collaboration with our inland site management & European regional Commercial Director; and

    • identifying potential alliances with strategic partners to augment/complement DP World’s intermodal & logistics capability, such as transport providers and other inland operators

  • Identify a pipeline of target customers where DP World can develop integrated logistic products. This will include those customers currently using DP World’s European deep sea terminals who could benefit from wider synergies across our network (including outside EUR) and end-to-end supply chain opportunity involvement from DP World;

  • Through  analysis of available data & dialogue in the marketplace, identify potential new physical asset acquisition/collaboration opportunities to strengthen our product offering to specific customers or specific commodity/product sectors (i.e. chemical, FMCG etc). This will be done in conjunction with European regional Business Development Director and Commercial Director;

  • Demonstrate volume & revenue growth of non-deep sea related traffic for each inland asset / account and split between DP World deep sea terminals and third party deep sea terminal;

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal candidate will have:-

  • Business Degree or equivalent/post-graduate qualification e.g. ACA, MBA;

  • Professional logistics qualification strongly preferred combined with strategic project experience from previous positions.

  • The role demands a very well-rounded professional ability and knowledge of the logistics and, ideally, container shipping/ports business;

  • Flair and solid persuasion, diplomatic and commercial negotiation skills with the ability to maintain strategic relationships – internally and externally;

  • The individual must be capable of running its own profit & loss and capex budget and have the internal and external credibility to work across stakeholders to grow the inland business;

  • Established knowledge of logistics and supply chain industry;

  • Broad/deep market knowledge required (financial, market, operational, project development, customers);

  • Comprehensive skills in obtaining buy-in and leading key stakeholders,  for a project e.g. government and its relevant departments, local councils, banks, local residents, unions, customers etc

  • Fluent English + preferably one other European language (German, French, Dutch, Flemish)

  • Minimum 7 to 10 years relevant industry experience

  • A track record of P&L responsibility is required

  • A track-record of transaction/project based experience is desirable 


Dubai, UAE :DP World, Ltd. (DP World) alerts job applicants and the public about a fraudulent scheme in which DP World has been impersonated.

The scammers fraudulently:
  • Impersonate DP World;
  • Impersonate DP World employees;
  • Conduct “job interviews” via text message, telephone, e-mail, and/or instant message (including Google Hangout) communications for work-from-home positions;
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DP World informs job applicants and the public that:
  • DP World is not expanding its operations in the United States in the next 3-6 months (as the scammers allege);
  • DP World’s operations in the United States are currently limited to Charlotte, North Carolina and are not expanding to any other locations for the foreseeable future;
  • DP World does not solicit potential employees via text message or instant messaging;
  • DP World does not interview employees by text message, e-mail, or instant messaging (including Google Hangouts);
  • DP World does not issue payment to its employees, prospective or otherwise, via paper check or money order;
  • DP World does not require employees to buy their own office equipment or personally pay vendors; and
  • The scammers have fraudulently used the name of DP World and its employees without authority and for malicious purposes.

One of the red flags that distinguishes a false communication from a legitimate DP World communication is the poor grammatical use of the English language, which is apparent in conversations with the scammers. Another red flag is the method of communication as DP World does not use commercially-available e-mail providers. No legitimate DP World communication would come from a common, publicly-available email service like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

Further, false communications can also be identified by the tasks requested by the scammers. DP World does not request that its employees pay vendors personally, whether from their own funds or from funds provided by DP World. Likewise, DP World would never ask an employee to cash a check or money order and then make a deposit into a vendor’s account.

Contacted individuals should not respond to any communication regarding the scam, and under no circumstances should any individual deposit any checks, money orders, or other payments from the scammers into their bank accounts. If such funds are for some reason deposited, no payments should be made from those funds for at least seven (7) days after the funds are deposited to ensure the individual’s bank has accepted the check, money order, or other payment.

DP World encourages potential employees to refer to its website and its “Careers” section if they are seeking employment with DP World.

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of any correspondence or documents that purport to be issued by DP World, you should direct your concerns to DP World at HO.Recruitment@dpworld.com.

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