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VAC1040 - Marine Pilot Trainee

Division: Technical
Location: Jebel Ali, U.A.E.
Department: DPW UAE MARINE
Closing Date: 27-Nov-2008

Marine Pilot Trainee programme ::

This vacancy is open to UAE Nationals only (Scholarship Programe)

The Marine Department is responsible for the allocation of berths to seagoing and inland vessels. It also ensures the safety of navigation, on the quays and in sheds and supervises the enforcement of the government marine authority in the port area.

Key training areas to be covered during the programme include:

  1. To obtain an understanding of DP World, the mission and values and contribute towards departmental goals and objectives.
  2. To understand all marine related activities and shipping movements for port operations.
  3. To learn how to arrange work shifts for marine personnel for mooring and unmooring ships.
  4. To understand the activities involved in marine maintenance, air conditioning and transport workshop by maintaining craft, equipments and vehicles.
  5. To obtain an understanding of maintenance and deployment of oil pollution equipment for safety purposes.
  6. To learn how to supervise shore mooring gangs for safe mooring of ships in the port.
  7. To display punctuality by reporting to work on time and maintaining daily attendance.
  8. To develop key competencies namely teamwork, flexibility, creativity, commitment and innovation to effectively meet learning objectives.
  9. To learn and understand the various functions of Marine operations in terms of all marine activities, including pilot age, shipping movements, pollution control, safe navigation, hydrographic informationthrough structured training and development plan.
Qualifications & Skills:
  • High School Graduate in any major 
  • Abel to travel
  • Confident user of Microsoft Office suite products 
  • Good level of oral and written English language
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Flexible with change
  • Able to be creative and find ways to continually improve
  • Able to meet deadlines and achieve objectives


Rewards & Opportunities:

Trainees receive a combined package of 9,339 AED per month, inclusive of accommodation and transport allowance.

Other Benefits include:

  • Air ticket allowance for employee only  
  • 22 working days annual leave per annum
  • Discretionary annual performance bonus
  • DP World will make monthly contributions to your pension
  • As a member of the Dubai World group, there is a large number of discounts and promotions available to DP World staff in the UAE region


Training, Development & Career Progression:

We are committed to the development of our people and aim to retain talent by investing in ongoing training & development to help improve skills and performance. Training provided will include on the job training, classroom training and coaching.

The Emiratisation department will monitor your training and progress and provide continual feedback and support during this period. Once you have completed the trainee development programme, you will be assessed and if successful confirmed into a permanent position. HR will provide career advise and planning to help you progress within the organisation



Dubai, UAE :DP World, Ltd. (DP World) alerts job applicants and the public about a fraudulent scheme in which DP World has been impersonated.

The scammers fraudulently:
  • Impersonate DP World;
  • Impersonate DP World employees;
  • Conduct “job interviews” via text message, telephone, e-mail, and/or instant message (including Google Hangout) communications for work-from-home positions;
  • “Hire” employees to join DP World;
  • Provide the “employees” with funds to buy home-office equipment and pay DP World “vendors” via fraudulent checks and money orders; and
  • Instruct the “employees” via e-mail, text message, telephone, or instant message to deposit the checks into their personal bank accounts and wire or cash transfer some portion of the funds to “vendors,” which are actually the scammers.
DP World informs job applicants and the public that:
  • DP World is not expanding its operations in the United States in the next 3-6 months (as the scammers allege);
  • DP World’s operations in the United States are currently limited to Charlotte, North Carolina and are not expanding to any other locations for the foreseeable future;
  • DP World does not solicit potential employees via text message or instant messaging;
  • DP World does not interview employees by text message, e-mail, or instant messaging (including Google Hangouts);
  • DP World does not issue payment to its employees, prospective or otherwise, via paper check or money order;
  • DP World does not require employees to buy their own office equipment or personally pay vendors; and
  • The scammers have fraudulently used the name of DP World and its employees without authority and for malicious purposes.

One of the red flags that distinguishes a false communication from a legitimate DP World communication is the poor grammatical use of the English language, which is apparent in conversations with the scammers. Another red flag is the method of communication as DP World does not use commercially-available e-mail providers. No legitimate DP World communication would come from a common, publicly-available email service like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

Further, false communications can also be identified by the tasks requested by the scammers. DP World does not request that its employees pay vendors personally, whether from their own funds or from funds provided by DP World. Likewise, DP World would never ask an employee to cash a check or money order and then make a deposit into a vendor’s account.

Contacted individuals should not respond to any communication regarding the scam, and under no circumstances should any individual deposit any checks, money orders, or other payments from the scammers into their bank accounts. If such funds are for some reason deposited, no payments should be made from those funds for at least seven (7) days after the funds are deposited to ensure the individual’s bank has accepted the check, money order, or other payment.

DP World encourages potential employees to refer to its website and its “Careers” section if they are seeking employment with DP World.

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of any correspondence or documents that purport to be issued by DP World, you should direct your concerns to DP World at HO.Recruitment@dpworld.com.

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Employee Profile

Andrew Jena

Andrew Jena

General Manager - Melbourne Terminal
DP World Australia Region

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