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Responsible Business Practices

DP World believes firmly that companies not only can, but must behave responsibly if they are to succeed in a rapidly globalising environment. Responsibility is embodied in everything we do, from the core values embraced by the company and its employees, to our overriding focus on safety and continuing efforts to care for the environment. Business does not happen in a vacuum - it grows and flourishes with constant and respectful interaction of ideas, people and communities.

DP World's Responsible Business Practices are embodied in our seven core principles, which together spell 'S.E.R.V.I.C.E.' These include commitments to the following:

  • Safety: Commitment to safety and security
  • Environment: Respect for the environment
  • Rights: Fundamental human rights
  • Value: Commitment to value
  • Integrity: Honesty and Integrity
  • Community: Commitment to community engagement
  • Empowerment: Helping break down barriers to effective participation in the global economy

Since its inception, DP World has been integrally involved with communities both in the UAE and in its host countries, though regional programs such as 'Moving Lives' and 'Dare to Lead', both of which aim to help disadvantaged communities and/or individuals with special needs lead full, satisfying lives.

DP World is currently in the process of developing broad-based, action-oriented initiatives to support the core principles embodied in “SERVICE”. Look for information on a number of new 'Responsible Business Practice' initiatives in the near future, both on the DP World corporate, as well as the sites of individual terminals.

Employee Profile

Anastasia Barrowes

Anastasia Barrowes

UK Tax Accountant
London, Europe Regional Office

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