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Learning and Development

At DP World, we provide employees with a comprehensive set of learning and development programmes aimed at nurturing the careers of both young minds as well as the managerial skill-sets of those who lead our teams.

Through the DP World Institute, the company offers its employees a comprehensive set of learning and development tools and programmes, targeted to all stages of career development. Extensive information regarding programmes and schedules can be found on a dedicated intranet site.

The Institute's learning curriculum is broadly classified into four categories:

  • Leadership/Management Training
  • Operational Equipment Training
  • Other Training Programmes
  • Competency Standards

Leadership/Management Training

Programmes in the Leadership/Management Training module deepen understanding of the main factors of workplace performance, job requirements, individual competencies, managerial style and organisational climate. Courses in this category provide participants the tools to evaluate and improve their own performance, as well as to optimise team performance.

Available programmes include:

  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Terminal Business Management
  • Leading The Business
  • Managing Terminal Operations
  • Leading the Workplace
  • Team Leader
  • Advanced Assessor & Trainer
  • Fundamentals of Terminal Operations

Operational Equipment Training

DP World has developed a number of competency-based courses that can be conducted internally by qualified DP World employees or by external providers. These courses are designed to bring DP World employees fully in line with DP World Competency Standards, specific performance criteria governing DP World stevedoring operations worldwide.

Courses associated with this module include Cargo Handling, Terminal & Shipboard Equipment Operation and Training Support.

Other Training Programmes

Other DP World Institute offerings include:

Online Training Directory
Launched in some locations, the online training directory provides an easy link for staff to a wide range of third party provided training courses.

Induction Training
A self-paced course allows new hires to build their knowledge of the company and its regional operations.

Safety Training
In conjunction with Global Safety & Environment (GSE), the Institute offers safety training programmes tailored to staff needs. DP World is in the process of adding additional safety offerings tailored to the needs of mid-level managers.

Competency Standards

DP World Institute has defined a number of competency standards which outline the minimum training and assessment standards for equipment operation, performing the operational tasks listed, and for employees who undertake either full time or part time training and/or assessment duties.

The Institute has also developed a number of competency-based courses that can be conducted by qualified DP World employees or external providers. The courses are based on the above DP World Competency Standards and are designed to meet the specific requirements of the stevedoring operations throughout DP World Institute.

Competency-based courses are based on a set of observable skills and behaviours required of employees to be successful in the role(s). Trainees are considered competent to perform a job function when they demonstrate they have achieved the learning outcomes and performance criteria of the course.

Each course comes with a trainee handbook, trainer's guide, presentation material and an assessment instrument. Equipment Operator Standards, Operational Task Standards, and Training & Assessment Standards are the competency standards defined by DP World.

Employee Profile

Andrew Jena

Andrew Jena

General Manager - Melbourne Terminal
DP World Australia Region

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