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VAC4224 - Software & Integration Manager

Division Information Technology
Location Yarimca, Turkey
Closing Date 15-Dec-2018


  • Good knowledge in Oracle & BI applications;
  • Excellent Project Management and Terminal Operation Systems and Integrations knowledge and hands-on experience
  • Hands-on Experience on software life cycle management.
  • Advanced  SQL skills,
  • Basic IT infrastructure knowledge like, network, domain, DNS etc,
  • Excellent communication skills and having a can-do attitude;
  • Good planning and project management skills;
  • Strong analytical and creative thinking skills for effective decision.
Job Description

  • Lead IT Related Projects
  • Responsible for all software development and integrations.
  • Develop procedures in term of use of information of activities related to terminal operating system.
  • Provides technical and configuration support during projects implementation; evaluate and recommend optimal solutions.
  • Prepares reports and the statistics required by the direct manager.
  • Real time monitor the progress achieved against objectives and report directly to the manager.
  • Solve problems arising during the operational process and informs in real time the direct manager of if any unsolved problems
  • Makes proposals for improving the work process in order to maximize the efficiency of the proposed objectives.
  • Identify operational problems encountered during the operational process, analyse  and seek solutions to resolve them.
  • Rate a given situation / current and coming up with proposals or concepts to identify solutions to problems.
  • Ensure that all its employees, including department colleagues and his subordinates understood the requirements and their role in the operational process.
  • Monitor performance of subordinate staff and maintain its high level of efficiency through better management practices, establish and maintain performance standards for subordinate employees in order to achieve optimal specific activities.
  • Is responsible for the workplace environment and take regular measures to maintain cleanliness.
  • Perform other activities in accordance with instructions received from the hierarchical superiors according to qualifications available.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Keep the terminal up and running in terms of responsible IT assests
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