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VAC4368 - Chief Executive Officer - DP World Maputo

Secteur Executive Management
Lieu Maputo, Mozambique
Département DPW CORP MEA – DEP
Date de Fermeture 31-Oct-2019
Executive Management
  • The Chief Executive Officer – CEO - is accountable to the Board of Directors/CEO & MD MEA. The CEO is responsible for directing the Terminal to insure effective and profitable operation and growth, providing maximum profit and return on invested capital, formulation and execution of current and long term objectives, development and implementation of the port/terminal’s basic organization, operating plans and polices and the establishment of controls for operating efficiency. 
  • To increase the volume and develop new products to attract cargo owners
  • To manage the business in an efficient and effective manner.
  • To achieve profit, revenue, and operational objectives of the Company.
  • To create a safe work environment to all employees and external people entering within the Terminal perimeter.
Chief Executive Officer, DP World Maputo

Executive Selling:

The CEO is expected to actively drive the strategic sales process and facilitate business opportunities for the Commercial team to pursue and close. This involves making high level sales pitch to C-level counterparts in customers and key stakeholder’s organisations.  

 New Product development:

Driving the team in developing further the range of products and services that DP World has on offer. Increase the push for developing our suite of Inland and Logistics services products to offer our customers an end-to-end solution.

 Regional coordination / Global sales:

Work along with the regional and global teams to drive strategic commercial projects across the MEA region. This involves working together along with other MEA or global DP World offices to develop new products and services OR to facilitate trade for our global and strategic customers.

External Relations

The main responsibility of this role is to represent the company on Industry & Government bodies and with the media, always in the best interest of the company.

  • Directs, plans, and coordinates the company’s industry affairs.  Represents the company in business council activities and Governmental local organizations.  Liaisons with DP World Dubai government affairs office and lobbies local legislators on significant issues.  Actively involved in relationship building and positioning of the company in emerging markets.  Coordinates civic and charity sponsorship and works closely with university business development departments.  Acts as a focal point for international delegations and dignitary visits and is actively involved in speaking engagements and executive level presentations.  This position is externally focused and is dedicated to promoting and leveraging company resources to best posture the company in our industry. 

Business planning and management.

Maximize profitable growth of the Company, including the following:

  • Grow the Port/Terminal business by attracting and retaining profitable clients for the terminal.
  • Ensure the preparation a 5 Year financial and operating plans for the company (Strategic Plan).
  • Co-ordinate annual operating and capital budgets (Budget).
  • Authorize capital and operating expenditure within approved limit. (Capex).
  • Establish, monitor and approve policies covering:
  • Monitor Asset management
  • Monitor regularly Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Monitor regularly the Purchasing efficiency and strategies
  • Monitor Human Resource Management
  • Monitor closely Occupational Health, Safety and Environment. (OHS&E)
  • Monitor Information sharing/internal and external communications
  • Monitor/handle Government and industry issues
  • Total Quality Management
  • Corporate Affairs
    • Monitor agreed operating and financial targets and monitor performance for the business with respect to revenue, costs, profit, human resources, assets, debtors, working capital, cash flow and loans.
    • Monitor business value improvement programmes.
    • Evaluate and recommend to the Board of Directors any investment opportunities.
    • Submit the appropriate operating and financial reports at intervals as required by the Board of Directors.
    • Keep the Board informed of all major developments and variations from the Plans as and when such variations occur.



           Develop relationships with key players at senior level e.g: 

    • Major customers
    • Government at all levels
    • Port authority
    • Regulatory bodies
    • Industry Associations
    • Unions
    • Media

       To include the following:

    • Manage Company’s public profile
  • Establish marketing strategy for the business
  • Lead contract negotiations for the business
  • Co-ordinate value-added services, which add commercial benefits to clients and secure their


  • Monitor the development and implementation of the business promotion plans.
  • Monitor market movement, industry trends, competitor position/strategy and the political and

          economic environment

  • Ensure customers are kept informed and needs are met.
  • Discuss and analyse with the COO the customer current and future needs
  • Determine policy to win customers from competitors
  • Performance expectations
  • Monitor Customer complaints.


    Operational overview

    Ensure the efficient day-to-day operation of the terminal by meeting regularly with the COO.

    Focus areas are including but not limited to:

    • Contractual performance under the lease/concession contract with Port Authority
  • Claims management policy and procedure
  • Strategy and implementation plan to apply quality service covering:
  • Standard operating procedures
  • ISO accreditation in the longer term
  • Customer service-driven management
  • Monitor effectiveness of labour allocation.


Procure suitable container handling and other equipment to meet operational requirement, subject to Board approval.

 Human Resource Development

Ensure the implementation of people policies and procedures that will ensure stable and good industrial relations.  

  • Minimum of ten years in senior management position, preferably in port related activities.
  • Incumbent needs a full network of contacts in business and Government and have credibility in the industry.
  • First-hand experience in successful application of modern management techniques.
  • Experience in industrial relations
Qualifications and Skills
  • Advanced knowledge of the following languages: English & Portuguese
  • Sound educational background to tertiary level.
  • Incumbent requires strategic thinking and planning skills, developed over a number of years.
  • Well-developed communication skills and an ability to communicate at all levels of the organisation.
  • Ability to identify opportunities and exploit them to a positive result.
  • Business and commercial acumen developed over a number of years involving contract and industrial negotiations.
  • Customer and marketing oriented.


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